Buddhism,Isaan Culture and Traditions, Northeast Thailand

Wat Si Chom Chuean,Ban Phon Yang Kham. Amhor Khok Si Suphan,Sakon Nakhon, Buddhist Art and Culture

I have been using the Khon Kaen University Culture Department’s  Local Arts and Architecture of Esarn Buddha Arts to find and inform people about these locations in northeast Thailand Most of these…Continue reading

Wat Pho Kham, That Phanom,Nakhon Phanom, Thailand, Buddhism

The Temple is located in Nam Kham village south of Thai Phanom and the Kham River. This is yet another of the isaan Mural temples from the Paper by Pairote Samosorn “E-sarn Mural Paintings” 1989. The…Continue reading

Nong Bua Lam Phu Road Trip 5 May 2011

After a quick sunrise photo at Ubol Ratana and a short photo op at a reservoir overlook I stopped in Phu Khao- Phu Phan Kham, this is a lovely location, eith “No Alcohol Allowed” sins everywhere….Continue reading

Isaan Update 29.06.11

Looks like Father Mike Shea will be our guest for the full Episode 3 of the Isaan Live Podcast. You might want to read about Sarnelli House before the weekend. Mike has been here a lot of years and…Continue reading

Crocodile Wat, Mahasarakham, isaan

I have heard of Crocodile Rock but never crocodile Wat until today. While checking the Chii River flooding near Mahasarakham University I stumbled upon Wat Charoenphom and I guess you might say it…Continue reading

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