Royal Development Projects Thailand

Part3,Thailand Royal Initiatives and Dealing with Polluted Water

2.3) Management of polluted water 2.3.1 Cleaning of water to get rid of polluted water This is a method to use clean water and to shove away or to dissolve polluted water. This royal initiative has…Continue reading

A Wise King and a Deaf and Dumb Society in Thailand

Daeng’s bicycle was stolen while she was getting her hair cut the other evening. It was locked, but not to anything solid. It was not a 10, or 15 or 21 speed racer it was a simple pink bike. A little…Continue reading

Puparn (Phu Phan) Royal Development Study Centre, Sakon Nakhon,Thailand

Just who the hell does the Tourism Authority of Thailand work for anyhow. Not The Kningdom of Thailand, The Monarchy or the citizens. The Tourism Authority of Thailand ignores…Continue reading

A Visit to the Phu Phan Research Center in Sakon Nakhon, Thailand

So now that you have read the story of the Royal Initiative of the King,  just what is the place really like. The place is brilliant and if you are in Sakon Nakhon and do not take the time to…Continue reading

Royal Initiatives and Water Resources in Thailand Part 2, The management of water shortage

2.2) The management of water shortage 2.2.1 Royal rain This is a process for managing the atmospheric water resource by inducing the condensation of the vapour in the atmosphere to create water…Continue reading

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