Buddhist Meditation, Sitting Posture and the Dhammapada and Comment



Gradually, gradually,
a moment at a time,
the wise remove their own impurities
as a goldsmith removes the dross.
v. 239

No amount of wishing things were otherwise gives us what we long for. We want the pure gold of pristine awareness so we need to enter the fires of purification. This verse instructs us on how to watch over the burning: too much heat – we
are trying too hard – enduring heedlessly we get hurt in our practice. Not enough heat – shying away from difficulties – following preferences for comfort and ease, there is no improvement in our practice. We just become more foolish as the years go by. Our habits are the dross and with gradual fine-tuning of our effort we learn letting go. The aim of all this work is the realisation of the state
of luminous awareness. We then have something inherently valuable to share with others.

What you should know about the right sitting posture for meditation.

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