Beung Aram Dinosaur Golf Course,Yaang Talaat, Kalasin, Isaan, Thailand and More

Caddy training at The Beung Aram Dinosaur Golf Course 17.06.11

in Yang Talat, Kalasin, Isaan.Khun Prasit and I were going to try to do an interview for my new Podcast on the course, but the fierce winds put an end to that. I did get a bunch of information and…Continue reading

Yaang Talaat, Kalasin, Isaan

Yaang Talaat, or Yang Talaat or Yang Talat is located about 16 kilometers west of Kalasin town on the from Khon Kaen. It is home to the soon to be re-opened 18 whole golf course and as the town name…Continue reading

Lions Club Kalasin Golf Tournament 22.04.12

From 20.04.12 Will be shotgun starting at 1000h on Sunday.If you are in the area stop by, The golfers in Kalasin are a friendly bunch and I have enjoyed golfing with them in the past. If you would…Continue reading

Golf Isaan, Yang Talat, Kalasin

On 21 May 2011 the new 18 hole golf course in the area will open with a tournament sponsored by the PAO (provincial administration office kalasin). Read the original post: Golf Isaan, Yang Talat,…Continue reading

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