Buddhism,Bhante Gunaratana,Samadhi and the Jhanas

It has probably been the better part of 30 years since I first met Bhante G., as he is well known. Well educated he can guide people through the relationships and steps of the most complicated of Buddhist teachings.
Those first years at  the Bhavana Societysaw little in the way of creature comfort and not freezing to death some of those icy West Virginia night was a challenge.
In the short video Bhante discusses Why do some teachers warn about practicing jhanas?
Once again he puts a complicated subject forward in a clear concise way.

There are plenty of Bhante Gunaratana talks available on YouTube

If this one does not appear below Click Here

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41NpmB2le3I&list=PLiwt53VW9FWngTPT8BIJ-HjNPEY87MNh9&index=5′]

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