Jade Bistro, Asian Cuisine, Saint Petersburg, Florida

Jade Bistro specializes in Vietnamese food, but has Thai, Chinese and more. The carryout menu pictured is an exact copy of the eat in menu.
The first thing that struck me was the fact that the sauces were not in their normal containers. This technique is often used to make you feel a bit upscale, while in fact the products are inferior, which proved to be the case here. The sri Racha sauce was mostly ketchup and the Nouc Mam had an odd taste.
While the Pho was okay it was not as good as Pho Quyen

I got the Banh Mi Pate to go and while the Daikon and salad part was good, athough the sauce was a bit heavy on the vinegar the pate was Oscar Meyer, or some off brand liver sausage, quite a let down.
My cafe sua da arrived pre made not dripping as per usual from the metal filter into a cup, which made me a bit suspicious.
Chris had the fried rice which used frozen vegetables and was quite bland. All in all I doubt I will be back to the Jade Bistro

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