Pho 97, Saint Petersburg,Florida, a Mighty Fine Pho Shop

Good prices, no pretension and down home Vietnamese cooking that’s Pho 97. They have moved from their Google Maps location, but you can see the location in the album. The Pho Tai was what Pho Tai should be, arich not doctored broth, noodle,scallions and all the basic fixings. Real Sri Racha and Nouc Mam on the condiment tray. The Banh Mi was lightly seasoned, which in a place like this is fine as everyone doctors them the way the like it. Ant to top it off a pretty decent Asian Market in the same strip mall. And if you are on a budget, like me, check out the $3.00 to $5.00 Banh Mi  in Phu Quoc.I tried the Banh Mi and Take Away from here is the way to go…. after Pho or Bun Bo or whatever in Pho 97 Just before lunch time Asian eaters were wandering in and also picking up Take Away at this popular spot.

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