Buddhism, Dhammapda, Meditation,and Tourist Sights in Isaan, Northeast Thailand

Ajahn Chah – Biography Episode 43 – Talking about enlightenment and Dhammapda

Sadly Luangta Maha Boowa has died. So where does an attained monk go now? On hearing true teachings, the hearts of those who are receptive become serene, like a lake, deep, clear and still. v. 82 We…Continue reading

Reclining Buddha in Northeast Thailand

This Buddha image is in Wat Phuttha Nimit.This ancient reclining Buddha image was carved under a cliff, and is unusual in that it is leaning on its left hand rather than on its right hand. It was…Continue reading

Daily Meditation and the Dhammapada with Commentary

Ajahn Jayasaro talks about Daily meditation and continuity as a crucial matter to practice. Is there a failure in meditation? What is the best place and time to meditate? How to make missing…Continue reading

Tourist Sights and Buddhist Temples in Northeast Thailand

Over the past 18 years I have visited 1000s of  Tourist  Sights and Buddhist Temples in Northeast Thailand. I have researched 1000s of Travel Blogs, Thai Government postings, Tweets, Facebook…Continue reading

Dhamma Centres, Meditation Centers and Forest Wats in Northeast Thailand

Centers or centres like Saeng Udom Dhamma Practice Centre keep cropping up around Isaan. Generally they are deserted with little or no sign of being utilized. There is one in Sahatsakhan, Kalasin…Continue reading

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