Stonehenge and Kunming in Northeast Thailand

Stonehenge,Mo Hin Khao,มอหินขาว,Kaset Sombun,Chaiyaphum, Thailand

I first visited Thailand’s Stonehenge,Mo Hin Khao a bit over thre years ago as you can see in The Blogspot Blog Isaan Life. Actually in spite of the dirt road and difficult access the site was in…Continue reading

Suan Hin Pha Ngam Park,Loei, Kunming Thailand, Google Maps and GPS

I you happent to find Suan Hin Pha Ngam Park on the Tourism Authority of Thailand website you will learn that This Park has limestone mountains that have eroded over time to form an interesting…Continue reading

Mo Hin Khao, Chaiyaphum, Isaan, Thailand

The plateau has a number of large stones spread around, I am told. Follow this link: Mo Hin Khao, Chaiyaphum, Isaan, Thailand…Continue reading

Chaiyaphum Lodging and the Siam River Resort in Chaiyaphum Town, Thailand

First nights lodging was at Chulabhorn Reservoir at EGATs digs As at most reservoirs I found it a bit over priced, but no one is building nearby. When they started building resorts near the Ubol…Continue reading

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