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Living in the area where Ajahn Mun and his students lived provided me with the opportunity to experience the teaching not in books, or desanas, but in real life. The life of Ajahn Chah as recollected by Ajahn Jayasaro in his YouTube biography provided clues to places and people in Ajahn Chah’s life.As an American I got to witness the teaching Jim and Tammy Faye style. On the internet there are more than enough teachers telling people what to believe and how to live, whereas teachers like Ajahn Mun and the Forest monks teach us not to believe, but to do.
Having time with people who live the teachings is inspirational.
The lives of the Sangha and those who support them is a continuous reflection.
these are the things that I an so grateful to the Sangha and the teaching for…

The yeasr Ajahn Jayasaro spent investigating the life of Ajahn Chah is a priceless reflection he has offered us. Anr this talk about the Thai Language biography anly adds to that gift.

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