Sohkdii, Lao Restaurant,4749 66th St. N, Kenneth City, Florida

I almost gave Sohkdii a bye after reading  “Review: At Sohkdii, go bold with spicy Laotian cuisine” in The Tampa Bay Times. I know nothing about their food writer, but doubt she has much experience with Lao food and over the years the only time I have had crappy asian food is at places that were reviewed by “Food Writes/Critics”. Also having visited a couple Thai Restaurants in Florida I had pretty much decided that The Vietnamese were the only folks who have successfully brought their AUTHENTIC  food to the west.
But what the hell. it was Sunday and I was in the area. The big problem was I was, once again, by myself, which is not the way to east Isaan or Lao food, but the Laap had caught my eye and I needed my Khao Ngiaow fix and had forgotten to put mine on the soak so off I went…

The place  is modern and clean, not high on my list of requirements after 20 years in Isaan, Northeast Thailand, and the only complaint I walked away with is that the menu is not easy on Geezer eyes, or small font at best.
The service was prompt and polite and the Laap was as close to the real deal as I could hope for. The Khao Ngiaow was hot and fresh and the side beans and cuke hit the spot. Sorry folks, no Leo, I was driving and this is Amerika. I sorely wanted to try the Tham Maak Hoong, but could not do it solo.
Kate the chef, from Savanakhet, came out for a chat and was great fun to talk with anbout food, Isaan, Lao and running a restaurant in the U.S… Picured on the right is the meal at Wat Lao Mixayaram wher you can see us eating Lao/Isaan family style a custom that is sadly absent here in Amerika .
Yep, I will be back, hopefully with a few folk, and try to order 4 or 5 different entrees to sample.
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