Ajahn Chah, Buddhism, Isaan Culture, Thailand

Reclining Buddha in Northeast Thailand

This Buddha image is in Wat Phuttha Nimit.This ancient reclining Buddha image was carved under a cliff, and is unusual in that it is leaning on its left hand rather than on its right hand. It was…Continue reading

Wat Don Ya Nang, วัดดอนยานาง, Kalasin, Thailand, Buddhism and Culture

Wat Don Ya Nang, Yang Talaat, Kalasin Is yet another temple surveyed by the “Culture and Art Center” at Khon Kaen University. It is located just off the road that links Yang Talaat with Kalasin Town….Continue reading

Buddhism, Ajahn Chah, Mindfulness and The Mindful Way

Rarely a day goes by that I do not reflect on the teachings of Ajahn Chah, one of his teachers or one of his students Often not particularly welcome or wanted, but always there. When I read this…Continue reading

Forest Buddhism, Ajahn Thate, A Formula for Sleeping or not Sleeping

I met a few western monks who were students of Ajahn Thate while in England in the 80s and read a bit that was available in English. When I got to Thailand in 1995 I visited Wat Hin Mak Paeng, where…Continue reading

Ajahn Chah, Struggles – Sexual Desire and Dhammapada, Buddhism

Ajahn Jayasaro continues with his video biography of Ajahn Chah and Ajahn Munindo comments on the Dhammapada. Not in great wealth is there contentment, nor in sensual pleasure, gross or refined. But…Continue reading

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