Buddhism, Dhamma, Meditation Centers and Forest Wats in Northeast Thailand

Dhamma Centres, Meditation Centers and Forest Wats in Northeast Thailand

Centers or centres like Saeng Udom Dhamma Practice Centre keep cropping up around Isaan. Generally they are deserted with little or no sign of being utilized. There is one in Sahatsakhan, Kalasin…Continue reading

Isaan,Isan, Northeast Thailand, Past and Present

Present in this case being nearly 13 years ago in this paper that was authored by Doctor Boonsom Yodmalee, of The Research Institute of Northeastern Art and Culture at M hasarakham University. I have…Continue reading

Village Buddhist Ordinations in Thailand are Often an Insult to Buddhism

Not only an insult to Buddhism and the teaching of the Buddha the ordinee is robbed of an experience that should be a wholesome and usefull form of training. Access to Insight provides some clear and…Continue reading

Kathin at Wat Po Non Than,Khon Kaen , isaan 06.11.12

The temple is an old one in town and is home to both city and forest monks. See the original post: kathin at Wat Po Non Than, khonkaen, isaan 06.11.12…Continue reading

Wat Pa Tham Pha Puu, Ajahn Khamdee, Forest Buddhism, Loei, Thailand

The following article was translated from the Thai by Thanissaro Bhikkhu, but you won’t see this credit in the copy paste world of travel blogging, but it is the source. Phra Ajaan Khamdee Pabhaso,…Continue reading

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