Taste of Saigon, is now Thien Na, Vietnamese Restaurant, Pinellas Park, Florida

thien-naMore on finding Vietnamese Restaurants in the area coming soon. Yelp, Foursquare,Swarm and Google a person could easily go nuts. I had passed this one a number of times on my way back from Wat Lao Mixayaram. Since the place was packed to overfill on Sunday my stop at Thien Na was a closer to 1100 than noon.
The $7.99 price tag on a bowl of Pho looked a pit dear until the bowl arrived. It was huge with plenty of rare beef, spring onions and a rich broth. I got a take away Banh Mi….

that for $3.50 had plenty of grilled pork and was good value and delicious. If you are going to Thien Na for Pho make sure you are hungry becuase there is only 1 size  as of this writing and that is HUMONGOUS. Plenty of mint and sprouts and peppers on the side, as well as condiments at the table.
No to go menu to scan so the album is the best I could do.

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