Reviewing Vietnamese Restaurants, Pho, and Anthony Bourdain.

phoI have been reading reviews by Pho aficionados in Google, Yelp,Foursquare, Swarm and elsewhere since I have been back in the States, 100s if not 1000s of reviews and not one I rremember has mentioned the richness of the broth, about bone marrow about how the beef is not precooked but only by the broth.
People find it easy to eexercise their mouths, or pens, or fingers without engaging their brains. Why don’t you see many Thais in Thai restaurants in America? Because the restaurants do not sell Thai food!. Thais, Laos and other Asians flock to Pho Shops…..

because authentic food is being served. When I go to a Vietnamese restaurant the first thing I do is scan the clientele. If there are not a few generations of Vietnamese people, and I see the westerners yelping and foursquaring my first inclination is to run like a scalded cat.

Another thing in my opinion people can bring bad service down on themeselves. Enough said.

Okay reviewers of the blogoshere watch and listen to a story of Pho.

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