Florida, Crystal River Archaeological State Park


Crystal River Archaeological State Park can be experienced online on the Florida State park Website

Native Americans who lived here until about 500 years ago built the ceremonial mound complex at Crystal River The earliest use was about 10,000 years ago during the Paleo Indian period. However, it was actually settled about 2,500 years ago when the river system and local marine estuary had matured and could provide enough food to sustain a large sedentary population. By then the Crystal River people had become specialized in reaping the benefits that the marine resource provided Throughout the site’s occupation, social complexities……….


and .ceremonialism changed as populations increased. Although ideas and technologies from other areas filtered in and were adopted, these coastal dwellersretained much of their own cultural identity. Archaeological evidence shows the influence of at least three cultural periods atthe Crystal River site.
Nestled on the Crystal River halfway between Kings Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, the 61-acre park sits on the edge of an expansive coastal marsh. The majority of the park’s uplands have been altered by humans over several thousand years. The view of the surrounding forest provides an excellent opportunity for bird watching and unaltered areas of the flood plain, forest and coastal marsh provide habitat for large a variety of wildlife. Anglers fishing from the seawall catch saltwater or freshwater fish.
The river provides access to the Gulf and a bountiful marine estuary along the coast. These resources provide sustenance for fisherman today just as they did for the ancient coastal dwellers. While its natural resources are important, it is the park’s cultural resources that are its major asset

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