Buddhism, Ajahn Mun, Ajahn Chah and Isaan, Northeast Thailand

Wat Thung Sri Muang and Ubon Ratchathani, Northeast Thailand

In 18 years I probably visited Ubon Ratchathani nearly 100 times. Years ago it was to visit Wat Pa Nanachat. In later years I visited the Wats associated  with Ajahn Mun, and other Amphor in the…Continue reading

Wat Tham Champa Kantasilawat, mukdahan, Thailand

Wat Tham Champa Kantasilawat, Mukdahan, Thailand is one of those places rarely encountered in following the history of Forest Buddhism in Northeast Thailand. Here is a cave complex where Ajahn Sao,…Continue reading

Ajahn Chah goes on Thudong and another Dhammapada Reflection

Ajahn Jayasaro explains more about the life of a Forest Monk and another chapter in the life of Ajahn Chah, But first the Dhammapada and comments by Ajahn Munindo It is wisdom that enables letting go…Continue reading

The Circus comes to Sakon Nakhon, or the Almighty Baht and Thai Buddhism

There was time when I would have found some of the things I see and hear in Thailand would have amazed me, now I know it is  just business as usual for Thai Buddhism. The other afternoon in Mukdahan…Continue reading

Ajahn Mun, Wat Wisutthi Tham, Sakon Nakhon, Thailand

According to the sign at the kuti Ajahn Mun resided here in 2486 and 2488BE. Now I was told this was for the rains retreats of those years. The question is Ajahn Juan reports meeting Ajahn Mun in…Continue reading

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