Illuminated Riveboat Procession and Red Cross Fair ,Nakhon Phanom,Thailand

ilum-boatI am sure it will be advertised as a whole week event again this year, just as it has been 20 years I am aware of. First of all the whole town is most probably totally booked for Auk Pansaa and the only night more than 1 boat travels downstream. Auk Pansaa is on 9 October this year (2014)
I stayed at an out of the way  rsort for the entire week and there was very little going on. Nong Khai and elsewhere have better boat races

The night of the  Illuminated Riveboat Procession is beautiful and if you can find a place to stay well worth the infalted prices.

Click on the link to view the most complete view of the event I have ever seen In My Humble Opinion

and or just watch one of the videos below, or Click Here

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