Ajahn Jayasaro, Buddhist Education 3, Buddhism

More on creative thinking.
To be creative: is it sufficient to be just unique, different, unheard of or unseen before? What else is required?
Education in Thailand has been on the skids for years now and not only compared to the western world but relative  to the neighbors Thai education is in the toilet. Lao children are better educated than Thai kids or ADB: Thailand trails Laos in innovation or even The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has ranked Thailand behind Laos, Indonesia and Malaysia in its creative productivity index.
The Thai dictator tell children to demonstrate piety toward their teachers. Piety being  a belief or point of view that is accepted with unthinking conventional reverence…..

How ridiculous “unthinking reverence toward the same people who are stealing the future of the children. The same government and its educators who want no creative thinking, especially that based on Buddhist principles.

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