Crystal River Preserve State Park, Florida

crpThe Crystal River Preserve State Park is another of the many natural places of interest in Florida, and like the rest well maintained and documented both analogue, in brochures and digitally online.
Crystal River, the town, lies in Citrus County and the County Chamber of Commerce office in the town has plenty of information fo Crystal City and the rest of the County.As well as all that The Friends of Crystal River State Parks, Inc maintains  a website that as well as a whole bunch of stuff  to include information and maps fpr the local trails..
All in all this is another natural asset for people wanting to enjoy the flora and fauna of the region and the state…

The visitor center does no open till 0900, but has an interesting exhibit and more information.
Make sure to visit the links for many photos and information as well as the small album and
if the album does not appear below Click Here

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