Ministry Of Education, or Mis-Education, Thailand

History of Isaan, Show, Rajabhat University, Sakon Nakhon,Thailand

From the 2th of February through May 2 there will be a Moon Mang Isaan at Rajabhat University, Sakon Nakhon. This is being presented by The Language Art and Cultural Institute at the University And…Continue reading

From Isaan,Northeast Thailand, Tablets for Prathom 1 Students an Opinion

In the first post on this subject the staff at Kalasin Phitayasai school related their experiences with the program in  Thailand, Tablets for Prathom 1 Students at Kalasin Phityasai School, The…Continue reading

Another Leap Nowhere for Education in Thailand

The ministers of Education for the past 18 years, or for as long as I have been in Thailand, with great reguluarity come out with statements announcing new and better curricula for Thai students. All…Continue reading

Thailand, Ministry of Education, Journalism Thai Style and Stealing Candy from a Baby

Many years ago I had a friend in the West of Ireland named Sonno Philllips. Sonno was the poster child for what old Irishmen should look and sound like. He had the look and the patter and tourist…Continue reading

Rampant Debt, Illiterate Students, Thailand, Don’t Worry

Who really knows how many of the Children of the King (all Thai citizens are like the children of the King, he is a Kingdoms Father Figure) have committed suicide, have lost their land or are lost in…Continue reading

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