Vietnamese Restaurants in the Tampa, Florida Area

After  nearly 20 years in Northeast Thailand the first think on my wish list on my return to the States was Viietnamese food. No trouble find a couple in the Washington DC area during a short visit to the Capital and here in the Tampa area things have been pretty okey dokey as well.
I have even included a Lao Restaurant, since I liked it. Up to Me.
Remember to beware of online  reviews as many are written by folks that don’t have a clue about what they are talking about.
Most of the places are in the Pinellas Park, Clearwater area–actually….

This is another of those good uses of storify that I find handy

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In my 6 months back oin America I have finally, after 18 years in Northeast Thailand been able to get some authentic Vietnames Food. Plenty of what is called Vietnamese food available in Isaan, but it aint the real deal. So here’s a look at some of my discoveries.

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