The 14 khong, customs, laws, rules of Laos and Isaan, Northeast Thailand

I am finally getting the Heet 12 (sipsong) traditions of   Laos and Isaan posted on the blog and will finish the series in November with one last Storify Story and now I guess is a good time to start on the traditional 14 customs or laws of the region
While the article, An Application of Isan Local Indigenous Knowledge in Suppression of Social Disputes” by Somchai Wanlu , Songkhoon Chantachon and Boonlert Rachote and abstract of whish can be read at the link is quite optimistic in modern times, there still are communities that to this day practice heet 12 khong 14…..

Lao Language and Culture Learning Resources, Center for Southeast Asian Studies at Northern Illinois University is a good source of information and the Chapter 7: Lao Folk Law will explain much for you guys.

I will be adding photos and comments as the 14 articles are posted

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