Pho Queen, Vietnamese Restaurant, Clearwater, Florida

pho queenPho Queen, Vietnamese Restaurant in  Clearwater, Florida has the same owners, or at least I was given their business card when I visited Pho Quyen, Pinellas Park. Right on Highway 19 at leat it is easy to spot as it sits in its own building and has a fairly decent roadside sign.
While Quyen, located on park Street and in the neighborhood of a bunch of Vietnamese restaurants and makets, the Queen is in the burbs and based on the folk who came in serves a different crowd. They order by the Number not the name of the food…..

The pho was okay, but the beef a bit overdone, perhaps to western tastes and the broth seemed just the little bit less rich than at the in town branch. All iin all I will be back, lazy bugger that I am. It is a shorter drive. Oh yeah, the Banh Mi was mighty fine.

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