You Call This Thai Food?, Thai Food in Florida and America

quaiySo far in the past 6 months in the States I have only tried a couple Thai restaurants, but have heard all sorts of stories so the NYTimes story  You Call This Thai Food? drew my attention.
I am no way, unlike so many other travel writers and other experts in Thai food, having lived in Northeast Thailand for 18 years.
First of all most of the Thai restaurants I have seen…..

feature Sushi. Excuse me Sushi is not Thai. Most of the Thai restaurants I have encountered have been run by Thais, but the excuse I get is they make it “American Style”, how do they decide what American Style is and why Thai style wont work is beyond me.

American Restaurants are not set up for Thai style dining. At a  table of 4 or 6 in Thailand thing are served “Family Style” wher a large communal bowl of Tom Yaam is set and people fill their small bowls. Same thing with rice and other entrees.

My question is usually “How is it Vietnemese can serve authentic Vietnamese foods and westerners love it?

As in most things Thais have a tendency to out think themselves and making money is more important than presenting authentis food.

Also when I go into a Vietnamese Restaurant it is usually full of Vietnamese people, and I never see Thais in a Thai restaurant.

Perhaps something to do with both quality and prices

More to come no doubt.


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