Fanning Springs State Park, Florida

fanningI departed Clearwater bright and early about 0700 Frifay morning for  125 mile trip to Fanning Springs State Park, the first stop on my weekend road trip. Took my time  a couple coffee/toilet stops at the many available service stations along the way. Arrived at the park about 1045, showed my State Park Pass at the gate and drove in. Usual entrance fee is 6.00$ per carful fo Americans or any other Nationality, and that is per car full not per person. Being a service connect vet I get a free pass, annual passes are available to anyone, even Thai people for 60.00.
Weekdays this is a quite peaceful place that on summertime weekends is busting at the seams with folks beating the heat.The Fanning Springs State Park Brochure online is, as usual, full of accurate, informative information to include information about the most reasonably priced 2 bedroom cabins……

More about the rest of the trip soon. Floowing is a photo album, and a video along the boardwalk at the park.

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