Is Thai Buddhism at war with Buddhism, and Skepticism in Thailand

Okay I am being a bit contentious, but with good, IMHO, reason.
First of all Buddhism in Thailand is controlled and manipulated by the Thai government. A government widely  known to be corrupt and incompetent.
Second the education system in Thailand is abysmal. Secondary school students are not even competent in their own language. And studies have shown that University Graduates are not properly trained in their fields of study.
I have been told all sorts of things that are incorrect about Buddhism as well as many more parochial subjects.
Here is a translation of a monks rules of conduct, the Vinaya. It has not changed or modified in more than 2500 years.
Reading a laymans guide is also useful.
Recently I read on Social Media “giving uncooked rice that the monks can cook themselves” Sure this is a big part of Thai Buddhism, in real Buddhism monks cannot cook food. A response was “It makes sense since uncooked rice may be stored for leaner times.” Monks cannot store food.

Yes, supporters can store food in the kitchen of the temple, But some Jao Wats, abbots, will not even allow this. And monks cannot touch this food until prepared and offered properly by supporters. There is a very important reason that monks are not allowed to  store or keep food.

I have seen monks eating in restaurants after noon in public and been town it is the new style and okay . When I asked the Thai what gave him that idea he told me he was told by both monks and Thai school teachers.

In Thai Buddhism monks handle money and get wealthy. Read the Vinaya.

Thais often don’t mean to give incorrect information, but actually believe what they have been incorrectly taught.
Things like this can be seen in Universities across Thailand, “The Ministry of Education in Thailand has Appropriated Education from the People who Deserve It“. I was told by a University Teacher that this was the correct use of the word!

Larry and I have been in what we thought was a Viet Nam War era US camp in Khon Kaen. Listened to a long  story about the place from a Thai, who thought he was telling the truth. We later came to find out that the camp was elsewhere.

Another favorite was the Bilingual Provincial Guidebook in which every instance of the direction Right in Thai was translated to left in English while every instance of the direction left in Thai was translated to right in English

And I won’t even bother with the Sri Thai fables. Or american Fried Rice. Or That the Buddha was Thai. And on and on and on

Thai Buddhism is a big business that has little to do with Buddhism. Yes there are city wats where the Vinaya is kept, but sadly they are the exception not the rule.


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