Rainbow Springs State Park, Florida

fallsWhat interested me in Rainbow Springs State Park, Florida were the ALERTS and the waterfalls at the Park. ALERT wise why can’t Thailand and it’s tourism Authority do ALERTS? More about that soon.
From Homosassa the park was only abot a 30 minute drive so off I went. Once again everything well marked and clear.
I found the history quite interesting.
“In the 1920s, this spring was a favorite spot for tourists and locals. As the attraction grew, the river was dredged for glass bottom boat tours; and waterfalls were built on piles of phosphate tailings. A zoo, rodeo, gift shops and a monorail with leaf-shaped gondolas were added. In the mid-1970s, when larger theme parks lured the tourists away, Rainbow Springs was closed. In the mid-1990s, it reopened as a state park. In 1972, the U.S. Department of the Interior designated Rainbow River as a National Natural Landmark. It is also an aquatic preserve and an Outstanding Florida Water….

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