Washington D.C. for Veterans Day and a TV Education, From Toms Desk

ilum-boatIt is just about 20 years since I last was at the wall or in D.C. for Veterans day, but when I got the Invitation for the ceremony at the NATIONAL WORLD WAR II MEMORIAL I quickly called my old friend Sean, in Takoma Park to make sure there was a bunk available for me, booked a flight, and now it is just the aanticipationof what might be an emotional visit.
Seeing Joe and a few other long time friends is always heartening, for this old man. And hearing Joe…..

“The ceremony will feature remarks by newspaper correspondent and columnist Joseph Galloway. Born three weeks before the attack on Pearl Harbor, Mr. Galloway did not meet his father until 1945 when the elder Galloway returned from his service overseas. During the Vietnam War, Mr. Galloway often worked alongside the troops he covered and was awarded a Bronze Star for carrying wounded men to safety during the November 1965 Battle of Ia Drang. Along with Lt. Gen. Harold G. Moore, Galloway co-authored a detailed account of those experiences in the best-selling 1992 book, “We Were Soldiers Once… And Young.” ” is always a treat

And a bit about learning about America in this week’s “From Tom’s Desk

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