Thai Junta Plans to Punish the Farm Youth

drive safeI have said that the Ministry of Education in Thailand in particular (OBEC) Office of the Basic Education Commission should be tried for crimes against humainty for the treatment of students in Thailand.
I am not going to bother to provide links to the dozens, if not hundreds of articles over the past couple years. Teachers cheating on exams, rampant corruption in secondary school students generally illiterate in their own language,university graduates unfit in their area of study, simply buying a degree, plagarism,the list goes on and on.

And now ‘Free education’ for farmers’ children. Remember as Larry at khon kaen retirement said, “Just because you are sitting behind a desk does not mean you are working…

Sitting in a Thai classroom generally has nothing to do with getting educated.
In a country where one can get a degree in Appropriated Technology” what can one expect?
Laos a country Thais mock reportedly hads a better education system. And the Asia Developement Banks rates the Laos more  Innovative than the Thais.
Thailand a country  where the leader of the Coup d’état  teaches democracy.
Until Thailand embraces reality not illusion there is little hope for real PROGRESS.

Tawatchai Iamchit, a leading member of a farmers’ association in Chai Nat, said Giving things for free will destroy one’s discipline and receivers won’t see the value. Students may no longer study hard or fail to complete their studies. They need to be disciplined and have social…
Promising Freebies is how governments get elected in Thailand.

By the time families pay for uniforms, and the extra tutoring the the unqualified, low paid teachers demand education is not free. This is Thailand it is who you know not what you know.

“Concerning shops selling blended alcoholic drinks and baraku/shisha services near schools and universities, Deputy Prime Minister Yongyuth said the law must be fully enforced and these shops must have… ”

If Thailand were a Buddhist country these problems would be rare and minor, but where corruption and greed  reign.

For anything to start to work in Thailand decentralization has to take place.

Local elected school administrators, local teachers.

The true elite of Thailand now have the country by the balls end of story

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