Buddhism, Bhante Rahula, Ajahn Mun Phuridatta and Dhamma

Bhante Rahula, Bhavana Society, Buddhism,Concentration and Mindfulness

I first met Bhante Rahule years ago when he was staying at the Bhavana Society with Bhante Gunaratana and last saw him at Wat Pa Baan Taad prior to Luang Ta Maha Boowa’s cremation. As you can see in…Continue reading

Ajahn Mun Phuridatta Thera, มั่น ภูริทตฺโต, January 20, 1870 to November 11, 1949

There is no way I could attempt to explain the impact of Ajahn Mun and the Bhikkhus of his lineage have had on me over the past, more than 30 years. From Ajahn Sumadho and the Bhikkhu Sangha in…Continue reading

Bhante Rahula, The Buddhamas Carol, A Joyful ChristBuddhaMas to All

The Buddhamas Carol or The Ode to the Vipassana Yogi Silent Night, Peaceful Night, All is calm, Stars are bright, Round the hall Yogis sitting still, Keeping their backs straight, exerting will,…Continue reading

Buddhism, Bhante Rahula in Vancouver “Meditation – The Body/Mind Connection”

Once again we tune into Bhante Rahula  Born in Southern California as Scott Joseph DuPrez in 1948. Ordained as a Novice Buddhist monk in 1975 at Gothama Thapovanaya, Kalupaluwawa, Sri Lanka….Continue reading

Do Monks Lose Relevance as Thailand Grows Richer

Monks Lose Relevance as Thailand Grows Richer is another of those Buddhism and Thailand stories that prove once again that Thailand is not a Buddhist country, nor is Thailand a country where most…Continue reading

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