Politically Incorrect, From Tom’s Desk

christianAjahn Chah said and Buddhism TeachesThe things of this world are merely conventions of our own making. Having established them we get lost in them, and refuse to let go, giving rise to clinging to our personal views and opinions. This clinging never ends, it is samsara, flowing endlessly on. It has no completion. Now, if we know conventional reality then we’ll know Liberation. If we clearly know Liberation, then we’ll know convention. This is to know the Dhamma. Here there is completion…
But from what I have experienced religion as it exists in the world today is more about business than salvation, or release from suffering.
One minister told me we should thank God for all the good we have. I asked who do we thanks, or blame for the bad. No answer.
The Nation, in Bangkok writes “Protecting Thai Buddhism from twisted teachings“, while in Fact Thai Buddhism is, in general twisted teaching.

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