Fort Fanning, Fanning Springs, City of Hawkinsville, Florida

fort-fanningI have already posted about my visit to Fanning Springs State Park, but there is more to see in the area.
Fort Fanning was built in 1838 during the Second Seminole War. The fort was originally called “Palmetto”, but was renamed in honor of Colonel Alexander Campbell Wilder Fannin (1788-1846).
Made of real wood, and situated in a warm humid climate, remnants of the actual fort have long since disappeared
Colonel Fannin served under General Andrew Jackson in the Seminole War….

As lieutenant, at the beginning of the Second Seminole War, he was noted for outstanding service when he led a charge in a battle near the Withlacochee River.
His objective, during the Second Seminole War, was to capture Seminoles for deportation to the West
Until railroads crossed the Suwannee River early in the 20th century, the Fanning Springs area served as the local boat landing. Products such as cotton, lumber, turpentine and other plantation products would be loaded and hauled off while household and farm supplies would be received.

City of Hawkinsville of Tampa in the Suwannee River. City of Hawkinsville was 140 ft. long by 30 ft. wide steamship built in 1886 by the Hawkinsville (Georgia) Deepwater Boat Lines. In 1900, it was sold to the Gulf Transportation of Tampa. It was used primarily to haul timber on the Suwannee River. It became obsolete with the rise of railroads, and in 1922 it was abandoned on the river bank of the Suwannee River, near Old Town, on the Dixie County side of the river. It is located approximately 385′ downstream from the old railroad bridge that is now part of the Nature Coast Trail. The wreck site has since been designated as a Florida Underwater Archaeological Preserve. Another Hawnkinsville Link

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