The Vultures of Manatee Springs, Florida

vulture (2)Visiting Manatee Springs a couple weeks ago I was amazed to find the  place literally covered in vultures. It immediatly began pissing rain so I was Unable to get any photos or video so I returned the  weekend of the 14th.The 1st time there I was the only 1 around and they lined  the railings of the boardwalk, and were on the ground everywhere. This time there were bunches of peole around, so while not on the ground in such great numbers there was no shortage.

I was told they migrate down to the area every winter. No one is quite sure what they eat while down here, as there are too many for the amount of dead mamils on the ground. One idea is they go vegetarian for the winter. I watched some pecking at the ground, but not sure if it was insects or what. They did keep eye balling all us old folks hanging out taking pictures of them. Also this is my first attempt at a completely mobile post so please excuse the more than usual amount of typos etcetera.

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