The Songkhram River, Mekhong River and more Northeast Thailand

The Songkhram River (แม่น้ำสงคราม, ), Northeast, ThailandriverThe Songkhram River, a tributary of the Mekong River originates in the hills between Amphor Nong Han in Udon Thani Province and Sawang Daeng Din district, Sakon Nakhon Province.From there, it flows…Continue reading

Born on a Friday? Phra That Tha U-Then is an Auspicious Place for You in Northeast Thailand

From the poem it is said that Friday’s child is loving and giving and here in Thailand there is a Buddha image for the day of the week you were born and here in Isaan, Northeast Thailand there is a…Continue reading

Resorts in the 3,000 Hole area Mekhong River Amphor Khong Chiam

In the New book by TAT “The Mekong Journeys along the River of Life” they inform the reader of 1 resort in the 80 or so kilometer area. Now I would assume that that might be a reason for travelers to…Continue reading

Baan Woen Buek On the Mekhong

In Amphor Khong Chiam, Ubon Ratchathani lies the last town on the river in Thailand. While the location market by TAT is correct, the vital information to get to the river is missing Originally…Continue reading

Suan Hin Pha Ngam Park,Loei, Thailand, Isaan Kunming,Google Maps and GPS

I you happent to find Suan Hin Pha Ngam Park on the Tourism Authority of Thailand website you will learn that This Park has limestone mountains that have eroded over time to form an interesting…Continue reading

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