Google, the Geezer, Android and an Ipad Mini

geezerI have been thinking about getting a Phantom Drone when I return to Thailand and while doing research on the whole thing I keep noticing people complaining about the problems with the Android devices used in the operation of the drones. Now some of the reviews named their devices, some not. Over the years I have learned that Reviews are more often than not opinions, but I decided to err on the safe side and purchasing mobile devices is much more economic here in the states, so I bought a refurbished Ipad Mini 2 retina.

I loaded all the initial pertinent applications needed, to include the IOS apps for those things Google and was quickly amazwd at how hamstrung they are on an IOS
AS you can see in the video, something s simple as location, maps and the related stuff provides a pretty dhitty experience for the person operating on an IOS device

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