Buddhism, Wat Tham Khuha Sawan, Luang Poo Khamkhaning, Ubon Ratchatani, Thailand

khuha sawanThe compound of Wat Tham Khuha Sawan stands on the bluff overlooking Khong Chiam town in Ubon Ratchatani. Many spendid buildings, chedis and shrines to include a huge white Ubosot stand on the property.
The real gem at the temple is Luang Poo Khamkhaning who lies in state in glass coffin intact since his death in 1985 at the age of 91.
He spent time when a child as a novice before becoming a recluse for 15 years. He was so respected that the King of Laos patronized his ordination into Buddhist monkhood.
He traveled the caves and quiet places of the region, supported by laypeople in the area. As a Buddhist monk he lived on the alms given him daily by the local villagers in remote areas of the region…

He is reported to have spent time at many of the caves in the Ubon area to include a 7 kilometer cave (blocked after a couple hundred meters) which now can be seen at Wat Tham Patihan.
Here is the Tourism Authority of Thailand post on the site that has been copied by the rest of the blogoshere.
This temple is on Highway No. 222 about 6 kilometers before reaching Khong Chiam District. The temple was built in 1978 by Luang Pu Kam Khaning Chula Mani and was his residence and place of meditation during his lifetime. Despite the fact that he passed away many years ago, his body remains in perfect condition. Along the route to the temple are numerous scenic spots for visitors to admire the beauty of the Mekong River and the Laotian border.

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