Wat Pa Klang Nong Phu, Forest Buddhism, Phanna Nikhom, Sakon Nakhon,Thailand

My first interaction with Theravadan Buddhism occurred in England some 30 years ago. Wats Amaravati, Chithurst and Harnham were the 3 principle places  where I was introduced to the sect and did a fair bit of engineering to help build repair and refurbish. Back in America I continued my relationship with the Sangha and from more than 20 years I have been supported by and supported the Forest Sangha. The The Customs of the Noble Ones is a good read if you are interested in learning a bit about Forest Buddhism here in Thailand.
In my opinion the best information about the practice of Buddhism and Buddhist meditation are available free and can be found at the Forest Sangha and Forest Dhamma websites.

While Thai Buddhist temples seem to be marked by opulence and excess the Forest wats are places where simplicity and moderation are evident


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