Kampot, Cambodia, Overnight Visit, 9, 10 January 2016

kampot1Arriving in Phnom Penh the evening of the 4th I muddled through 4 more days in a city whose traffic makes Bangkok seem like a tropical paradise I was much in need of some relief from the cacaphony of traffic horns. Kampot was suggested as it is 150 kilometers from the capiotal and less than a 3 hour drive.
The vehicle (modern, clean, full size SUV) with driver appeared nearly on time at 0705, the then took nearly an hour, on a Saturday, to navigate the first 12 kilometers of the trip to the airport. After that it was madness on Route 3 down to Kampot. Overloaded lorries at 20kph, motorcycles and eveyother fowm of transport travelling both north and southbound. If this traffic had been on Thai roads I have no doubt the dead and injured would have littered the road.

Having done a quick online recce I had decided on the Bokor Mountain Lodge on Riverside Road in downtown Kampot. Droppoed of my bag for a riverfront stroll while waiting for my room to be cleaned and enjoying the absence of vehicles, horns, packed footpaths and noise in general. Noticed a sign advertising 0.50$US draft beer and decided to invest a Dollar in a bit of refreshment. I ended up having a tasty enough, but slow cooked pizza, and investeded another dollar in beer, damn slow cook pizza.
During m visit I checked with a couple of estate agents. Housing I would estimate runs from about 200$US up. There are a number of places to find info online so go there.
If I were to decide to evacuate Isaan Kampot is certainly an option, certainly for a week, a month or longer.
Sunset is the daily social event in town.
I was only there 24 hours, but there seems to be plenty to see and do in the area. No shortage of travel agents, places to eat, and plenty of lodging choices.
If you are thinking about leaving Thailand Cambodia offers a neumber of options and the visa situation is tonnes better than Thailand

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