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lumpini1Ended up taking a taxi to Lumpini Park as the MRT station at Sukhimvit was a total bottleneck. At least MRT takes paper money, while the BTS only takes coins. To balance things out the change from the MRT machines seems to often end up on the ground,
There were throngs of people blocking the entrance to the festival. I have no answer as to why all the stuff was being sold blocking the entrance.
Since all drone manufactures warn against flying drones over crowds, I was not surprised to witness the BIG over sized drones flying frightfully low overhead. I will wait to see some of the 100s of hours that was filmed.
The large crowd shuffled along in a fairly orderly shuffle. It appeared that the majority of polular booths were selling food, the gai yaang, somtam booths in the Isaan section doing the briskest business. Pleant of people picnicing i the grassy area and in shaded areas set up for sitting.

I saw nothing promoting particular attractions that would entice me to go visit other areas. I did not see much excitement on Thai faces when travelling through the different sections.
I have no idea of what it cost to set up a booth at the Thailand Tourism Festival, nor what the Tourism Authority of Thailand spent on the event. It was of the quality of a small county fair that I have seen in other countries, although I noticed some westerners avoiding the miles of wires laying on the ground.
I saw no acts on any of the stages. I saw 1 fashion show, and a lot of people making announcements in Thai from a few of the stages.

Here is one of the parades that popped up during my visit.

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