Ccc State Parks In Florida

The Santa Fe River, High Springs, Florida

At O’Leno State Park and a few miles down the road at River Rise Preserve State Park you can witness the Santa Fe River disappear and reappear. I also visited the CCC and the  exhibit at O’Leno. But…Continue reading

Highlands Hammock State Park, Sebring, Florida

The park has 9 short walking trails where one can see different areas. None of the trails takes much more than 30 minutes, but each is different. A 1,000 year old live oak referred to as the oldest…Continue reading

Mike Roess Gold Head Branch State Park, Keystone Heights, Florida

This is another of the CCC associated parks I have been wanting to visit and it was well worth the trip nearly to Jacksonville. Some of the original pavilions and buildings are still in use. One of…Continue reading

The Civilian Conservation Corps Museum, Sebring, Florida

The Civilian Conservation Corps Museum is located in, Highlands Hammock State Park. I’ll write up the Park in. another post. The museum  the museum will take an hour or so of your time, but is…Continue reading

The Civilian Conservation Corps in Florida State Parks

I have visited a number of Florida State Parks and seen evudence of the CCC in a number of Parks and at O’Leno Perk found a Historcal Center building. The Civilian Conservation Corps Museum is…Continue reading

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