Tampa, Florida to Sakon Nakhon, Thailand, and Along the way.

guinnessTampa Airport, except for it’s location is a treat. I usually score TSA precheck so secutity is shod.
The problems with airtravel in the States are; hordes in wheelchairs. O;der folks have learned that there is no paperwork necessary to request a whellchair at the airport so many “lambutory” seniors (Lambutory= lazy ambulatory) get free rides to the plane. 20 or more wheelchairs lined up at a gate is not unusual. Another problem is the amount and weight of “carry on” luggage. Bags for the overhead bin are at maximum size, and their is no tonnafe limits on domestic flights. Retailers now sell kits, or sets with the maximum size upper bin cases as well as the maximum size underseat bags. All of this makes bording the aircraft s slapstick comedy. Considering the girth of many Americans,their lack of exercise and coordination bumps and bruising at boarding are not uncommon.

When a 30 someting person asks 68 year old me to put their bag in the upper bin, oh well you get my drift.
Visiting in D.C. is always a pleasure and my short time with Sean and Liz always helps recharge me.
The night before my flight I stayed at the Crowne Plaza Dulles. Being a senior citizen, and aa veteran and member of whatever disount service I can get gets me well discounted rates.
The property itself is clean and modern. The wifi adaquete. I free bottle of water and additional at $2.00, that simply sucks. No complimentery coffee and last but not least a toilet seat that does not stay up, nuff said. I guess I’ll stick with DaysInn and free waffles and coffee in the morning. Oops almost failed to mention that they hid the ice machine and the ice bucket as well. Beer and salad by way of the Food Giant down the street.
Morning transport via the hotel service was prompt and efficient.
Security at Dulles is serious stuff. Pay attention to the signage, do not rush and it is not too painful. Into the glass bubble and you are home free to get your belongings and reshoe and reorganize yourself. I wear a “travel belt, cloth and plastic as well as a money belt and had no problems.
I was only carrying carry on luggage, and making use of a major discount from Emirates Airline to traval Business Class to Dubai.The food, service and comfort of Business Class on Emirates is wonderful, relaxing, more than comfortable and if affordable would be addictive.
I have moved up to “Silver” in my rewards thingy so even get some bennies when boarding now.
Getting into Dubai is easy for American citizens, for others check it out yourself.
I have been staying at the Premier Inn, Dubai Airport. I make my reservations directly with the property and get rates better than I have seen at any of the Booking Online places.
The property beats Crowne Plaza tonnes and for less money. Place is great food, rooms and service never a problem. Wifi is not as flash as I might like, it is adaquete.
Back to DXB for the 6 and a half hour flight to Swampy.
Security here is Emirates and they WILL check the weight of your carry on. If it is 7.1 kilogram, you have to get rid of that nasty 0.1. Folks weighing in at 8 and up had to go back and check their bags. Some really pissed off Thais who had been on shopping sprees .
Got to the gate and hung out till 5 minutes prior to boarding. I have been on this flight before and the 2 legged Thai waterbuffalo cannot be controlled so requested early boarding.
Not to forget the many Thais who do not leave the secure area and do their shopping in the international terminal have enough baggage for 2 or 3 overhead bins.
Back in economy with a bulkhead seat. Babies screaming and crying, and Thais demanding whatever from the aircrew. On with the headphones, a bit to eat, a few drinks and wakeup shortly before swampy.
Swampy to town using the Airport Rail Link which 1st stop after the airport becomes overloaded with plain old commuters.
A day and night in Bangers to catch up on beer Leo and a visit to Pakwan on Sukhumvit for a curry.
Sunday morning of to Don Muang for flight to Sakon Nakhon. Stopped by female fascist, made to remove my “travel belt” that has passed through security throughout the world; “Welcome Back”
Finis, for now

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2 Responses to “Tampa, Florida to Sakon Nakhon, Thailand, and Along the way.”

  1. patrick says:

    Travel can be so much fun…

    Wife and I are looking at going to Thailand in April to see her family. It will be hot, but that’s spring break for the daughter and its cheap to fly.

    Still considering whether to retire there in a few years. Or be there at least part time or primarily.

    Dubai ok. When I traveled through there years ago, it was very crowded, unbelievably so. But interesting to see people from all over the world in that part of the world. As if the U.S. never existed or mattered.

  2. patrick says:

    Interesting blog post. Security is pretty good at overseas destinations. People are friendly and things go smoothly. Been through Dubai and security was quick and as thorough as you’d find in the US.

    We will be heading to Thailand at the end of March and will likely be passing through Inchon for a quick flight. We’ll book tickets next week. I will have been about two weeks since we visited.

    There’s a good chance we will retired there in Isaan on wife’s land that her father is giving her. We will see. At least have a place there to visit in the winter, but living there may be the next adventure. Being retired, there’s another job that never ends, as they say.

    Do you have a place there? Are you generally settled there, but back in the US for the occasional visit?

    I will have to read all of your blog posts on this blog and your other one.


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