Highway 22 project. A new EWEC, East West Economic Corridor?

panicI read today that Thailand is goung to the ADB, Asia Developement Bank for a loan for the second phase of the Highways Department’s four-lane main-road construction project on Highway 22. I was somewhat amazed to read that Nattaporn Jatusripitak, an adviser to Commerce Minister Apiradi Tantraporn, said the planned routes extended the project from Udon Thani-Sakon Nakhon, and Sakon Nakhon-Nakhon Phanom to Roi Et-Yasothon.
I have drivdn highway 22 many tmes from Udon Thani-Sakon Nakhon, and Sakon Nakhon-Nakhon Phanom, but in fact it does not go through Nakhon Phanom to Roi Et-Yasothon.
Highwat 23  starts est to east at Highway 2 south of Khon Kaen to RoiEt and Yasothon and carries on to Ubon Ratchatani.
When I first read the article the first thought thsat came to mind was the joint effort by the Tourism Authority of Thailand and the State Railroad promoting a tourism project which was train excursions from Khon Kaen to RoiEt.
There is and was no train tracks from Khon Kaen to RoiEt.

When I tried to contact TAT in Bangkok I was told to contact TAT in Khon Kaen and there I was told to contact Bangkok. I do not know how much money was spent on this project, but I feel certain it was substantial.
Now more than half of 22 is already 4 lane, or dual carriageway. Sadly the final 30 or so into Udon town are impeded by vehicles using the shoulder lane for parking and the U-turn access between directions is dangerous and the cause of a number of accidents that I have witnessed.
From what I have noticed Phase 1 must have started about 10 years ago. How much it cost and what was it scheduled to include I have no idea. What specifically is Phase 2 supposed to complete and when? Why does Thailand need an ADB loan  for a relatively low cost project? Has or will highway 23 be redesignated   highway 22? Why isn’t the continuation of ther road from yasothon to Ubon included?
My big question is is what happened to the EWEC and why is it not being completed prior to the project?
Is this just another government fiddle?
In other than a fictional land journalists migh be questioning this announcement?
Over the years I have seen projects identified, the costs and the purpose and rarely have i seen 1 completed, or if completed of a poor standard.
My point in this post is simply: Where does all the money go?
Is anyone ever held responsible for projects tha are not completed, or shoddily completed?

And most of all the people who suffer from inadequet roads and services.

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