46th Special Forces Camp, Nam Phung, Sakon Nakhon,Thailand

This is a reprint of this post, but see where the US Special Forces were in Sakon Nakhon, Thailand. Larry and I had been communicating with Joe, a  Vietnam era veteran who was moving to Thailand for some time. Joe finally arrived in Thailand and got up to Sakon Nakhon, looking to visit the old camp. I knew right where it was having visited it before so off we went. On the North side of the reservoir is the old airstrip and the 2 marker to the south east shows the location of the camp, now utilized by the Thais and the airstrip.
With the help of Khun Prasit, long time friend and mentor we finally got access to the camp and a guide of some rank. We did get to the site of the old runway which was pretty much overgrown. Our guide also took us to the site of what he called the old clinic, which Joe pointed out was not the old clinic….

This happens quite often when visiting sites in Thailand where incorrect information gets passed down after the fact. Seri Thai locations and Vietnam era army camps are frequent victims of  mis, incorrect information as both Larry and I have learned in our travels to these sites.
Anyhow Joe was, I hope, quite happy to visit his old camp and another piece of history markrd by Isaan Live

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