From Tom’s Desk, From the USA February 2017

I arrived back in the States after 18 plus years in Thailand June of 2014. The pupose was to get my Veterans Administration disability reviewed and to sort out Social Security and Medicare. During my time in Thailand I maintained occasional contact with friends in the States I returned to Clearwater in Florida as an old friend put me in contact with a friend of his who had a place to rent at a reasonable price. Having a credit rating in the states is essential, without it one is powerless,
Anyhow the point of this post is to reflect differences in life in the states as it differs from life 20 some years ago, from my eyes.

First of all education. Over the past 20 years scores an tests of all types has fallen, students are dumber. The college admission test in the United States SATs continues to fall.
Students are getting dumber and the cost of it rises. From1995 to 2015 In-state tuition and fees at public National Universities grew the most, increasing 296 percent. And yet freespeech is nopw being limited at Universites and students fight FOR segregation.
Next, Healthcare costs in America are ridiculous. Deductables (what one must pay out of pocket before his insurance company pays) keeps folks from even seeing a doctor. Premiums are higher and higher. Healthcare in this country is a business not a service or a right. Simple figuring out what to do and how to do it is nearly impossible to figure out.Private companies get rich off of healthcare.
The infrastructure here has been neglected for years. The Interstate highway system has been expanded only in a few places. Where I once drove down a highway seeing a few cars is now bumper to bumper.Utility distribution is in need of upgrade.
Individual debt in America (education and healthcare have a big impact here) has skyrocketed in the past 20 years
Public transportation is embarrassing. Europe and elsewhere make the American system look 3rd world.. DC, our nations Capitol Metero system is falling apart after years of neglect.
Where are the coast to coat highspeed trains.
Americans are getting softer and softer. Here in Florida people seem able to exist in a very narrow temperature band. I call it addicted to aircon.
Amecians need more electric, water and space than the rest of the world. No wash can be seen out to dry on sunny, breezey days people run electric driers instead of hanging it out to dry.
No person should be homeless, but a veteran who has honorably served his country being homeless is only due to another broken promise by this country. Veteran suicide rates are a sin and a crime. Maybe if a congressperson got the electric chair for every veteran suicide the problem might get some attention.
A few years back I had a neeting with a Congressman who started of by explaing to me how difficult it was to always have to be in “raising Money” mode for the next election.
He seemed quite offended when i said “There is a solution to that!” I guess he knew what I meant.
Americans are more and more obese. Unhealthy diets and simple gluttony are part of the cause, not being able to afford a doctor does not help.
Yep, thing here a better than a lot of places. And not as good as some, but lets get to work to help people’
Okay, enough of my rants.
Today in America there is no discussion, only people blaming each other.No free speech, just people screaming.
I refuse to choose sides, In my humble opinion they are all to blame. If this is the best America can do it is a sad situation. Get together and solve problems, make things better.
The people who have been governing this country for the past 20 to 40 years should be very,very ashamed of what that have and have not accomplished. The American people, as self entitled as they are, deserve better.
Leave emotion at the doorstep, communicate and get off your asses.

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