Scientology, Clearwater, Florida, and the Seperation of Church and State

I wonder what would happen if a local Catholic Bishop, or senior Jewish Rabbi were part of these headlines.
Clearwater Council defends meetings with Church of Scientology
Editorial: Clearwater officials should not surrender to Church of Scientology

Scientology (look at wixipedia, or elsewhere is big, buildingwise in Los Angeles, Claifornia it is HUGE relative to the population. Downtown Clearwater is a ghost town. There is no shortage of empty buildings.

I have no interest in discussing Scientology as a religion or anything else. My only point is WTF is going on? Is Scientology from the United States Constitution.
Beside all that Florida has a Sunshine Law that makes these secret, private meetings illegal.

I do suggest that people watch “Believer” Episode 4 with Reza Aslan for yet another look at Scientolgy

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