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imageI’m writing the the morning of 30 December 2016Lately I have been reading al sorts of “foodie” posts about Pho, hence the reposting of this post. Be sure to to read “The Sices of Life” The foundation of Pho is the broth, the broth os made from beef bones, there can be no such thing as vegetarian pho! Thais have a wonderful soup called quaiyteiow, any numver of spellings. I quite enjoy a bowl of quaiytiow, but it is not pho. Bun Bo Hue is another Vietnamese soup and it is not pho, different broth, different noodles While in Pho 97 the other day i got a taste for Pho Dac Biet and later decided to take a look around the internet to see what folks has to say about the different types of Pho. There is a plentiful selection to choose from. Lo and behold it seems a lot of folks think pho is just pho!…


Eateries in Nakhon Phanom, Thailand,Yahd Thip Laap Phet Restaurant

laap-mukNakhon Phanom is not a bastion of fine dining Mukdahan and Ubon are both better supplied with Vietnamese restaurants, while Nakhon Phanom has perhaps a more sizable Vietnamese population  There are a couple up-scale restaurants that I found to be poor value for money They also seem to be often overcrowded and understaffed. One I have enjoyed for some time is Yahd (Yaad) Thip Laap Phet Restaurant As the name implies it is know for it’s duck Laap, which is as good as the Laap Phet in Mukdahan, which is second to none. It also doed a nice job with other lappd as well as other Isaan and Thai foods. The owner and staff are quite friendly and prices are reasonable It is located south of Soi Thatsana Pathum and a few sois North of Wat Mahaa That. It is easily spotted by the circular staicase in the right front as you look with the Mekong River at your back…


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goi cuonafter overcooked shrimp, tasteless onion rings and lousy service at the Seabreeze Restaurant in Cedar Key, florida, and a tough morning drive, finding the Hanoi was a life saver. Cheerful, efficient staff, a fine bowl of Bun Bo Hue, Cafe Sua Da and a Goi Cuan  (Vietnamese Soft Spring Rolls- Shrimp and Pork Tofu, Grled Park or Chicken, Vermicelli Rice Noodles, Lettuce, and Cilantro wrapped in clear rice paper and served with Peanut Sauce), got me back to better than normal, whatever that might be….


Thien Na Restaurant Pinellas Park

Taste of Saigon, is now Thien Na, Vietnamese Restaurant, Pinellas Park, Florida

More on finding Vietnamese Restaurants in the area coming soon. Yelp, Foursquare,Swarm and Google a person could easily go nuts. I had passed this one a number of times on my way back from Wat Lao…Continue reading

Vietnamese Restaurant, Pho Kien Giang, Bun Bo Hue, Pinellas Park, Florida

pho kienAfter the delicious Bun Bo Hue at Pho 97 I decided to give it a try at Pho Kien, up the road a bit. The minute it arrived I could smell a bit of what I think was Cumin, but not for sure. At first taste the broth was just a bit spicier than at Pho 97, but not at all over the top.
Yes it sure seemed like a bit of cumin, but the  both was very pleasant. The noodle and the meat were fine and traditional. No surprises just the way I prefer it. A banh Mi from the Sai Gon next door to take home for a bit later.


Vietnamese Food at Pho 97, Bun Bo Hue,Pinellas Park, Florida

bunbohueBack to Pho 97, in the mood for another vietnames meal that was not available in Thailand, Bun Bo Hue. Luckily I got there about 1000h as the place was filling quickly. I forgot that it opens at 0800. Bun Bo Hue is a soup particular to the city of Hue and I hadn’t been anywhere to get it in the past 20 some years and was really, really looking to it. I was not let down as this was another mighty fine meal at a mighty fine Pho Shop. My 30 second video was done on twitter and I included Mark Wiens YouTube Video “Bun Bo Hue – A Vietnamese Food You Must Eat”….


Pho, Pho Kien Giang, 8730 49th Street, North, Pinellas Park, Florida

pho kienI want comfortable when I go to a restaurant. And I want authentic food when I am comfortable. And I don’t go to a restaurant for “home Cookin”. If I wanted home cooking I would do it at home for less money and better. The broth for pho, if done properly, takes hours letting the bone marrow give up its goodness and richness to the broth. I want real Nouc Mam, not watered down. I want things called what they are called in the country of origin, not cutesy western names. My 3 favorite Pho houses are in this neighborhood. I will be back…again, and again


Yaam on the Lake, Beung Kaen Nakhon, Khon Kaen, Thailand

bknBeung Kaen Nakhon sits in a popular part of town, in a popular town park. Walking, jogging excersizing and of course eating.
Yaam is a spicy salad. Remember Tom Yaam Is spicy salad soup ( boiled) and a green salad is usualy caled either saalat or phaak saalat.
These folks are always great to have a chat wit, and very nice to buy food from. Not to hot just right
The area is home to many of the towns restaurants as well as many popular night spots.Food stalls open at the Northwest area of the park about 1700h nearlt 365 days a year.

But rest assured you won’t lack for food wherever you are in the area.


Green Mint Asian Grill, Vietnamese Food

banhmiThe Green Mint Asian Grill was the first vietnamese restaurant I visited when I landed here in Clearwater, Florida. This is a squeaky clean, suburban location that serves suburban Floridians. It is a bit dear to my heart as they offer a fried egg in the Banh Mi.
The Pho broth is rich and there is plenty for the price. The staff is modern, polite and patient, which fits well for the suburban clientele……


You Call This Thai Food?, Thai Food in Florida and America

quaiySo far in the past 6 months in the States I have only tried a couple Thai restaurants, but have heard all sorts of stories so the NYTimes story  You Call This Thai Food? drew my attention.
I am no way, unlike so many other travel writers and other experts in Thai food, having lived in Northeast Thailand for 18 years.
First of all most of the Thai restaurants I have seen…..