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Finding what and where you are looking for in Northeast Thailand can be no easy feat. When researching places of interest whether Buddhist Manasteries, towns, Khmer sites or whatever I search through Tourism Authority of Thailand, Travel Bloggers, Maps and any other sources available. What I have discovered over the years more often than not existing data is correct. I know that SEO is very important to travels bloggers, unfortunately accuracy is not. And the Tourism Authority of Thailand has moved golf courses and other sites kilometers from the actual location. My maps might be a bit cluttered, but they are accurate. They all are works in progress and will reamin so until I am ashes in the ground…


Ban Tha Rue,Amphor Na Wa, Nakhon Phanom,Thailand The Isaan Musical Instrument Village

Ban Tha Rue is located in Tha Rue Villaage, Amphur Na Wa. Nakhon Phanom Province.The most famous products of this community are Isaan Musical Instruments. It is considered as the longest-experience community who makes Isaan Musical Instruments that the knowledge has been passed on continuously from generation to generation for more than 100 years. The precceding is quoted from the SANUK guide book for the Provinces of Sakon Nakhon, Nakhon Phanom and Mukdahan that I have mentioned in previous posts The Center is supposed to be open 7 days a week. I suspect if there is a big event on it might be closed. The Manager who goes by Jim gave the following phone number as a contact 088-509-5423, and he has very good English If you are interested in prices I suggest you call as there were a variety of sizes of these high quality instruments..

Wat Tham Si Mongkhon or Wat Tham Phiang Din, a Cave in Nong Khai Province, Thailand

This is another listed by the folks who present The Caves of Thailand, the website has the most complete list of caves of Thailand I have ever seen. In most countries the tourism board is usually the place you can find that kind of imformation, but here in Thailand the Tourism Authority of Thailand is the last place to look for information. In the video linked here on youtube. There would be a public outcry if it was thought the women in the shorts was a Westerners dressed inappropriately for a religious site, but Thais routinaly dress like this and nothing is said.If you are on the river road between Nong Khai town and Sangkom there are a few interesting stops. You might need to click on view in larger map as the icons sometimes do not open
Below youwill find the info provided by the folks linked about and a Google map section..


Google Maps, Camp Ruam Chit Chai. Sakon Nakhon,Thailand,809th Engineer Battalion

Some time ago Larry at Khon Kaen Retirement and I got into contact with the guys of the 809th Engineer Battalion that were stationed at Camp Ruam Chit Chai during the Vietnam War. It is only a few miles away from my base in Sakon Nakon, so visiting is no major chore. One of the guys recently posted aa plan of the camp in excel, trying to remember what was there so I popped back out. One of the people at the camp was telling me what some of the buildings were used for back in the day. Having encountered Thai help many times to include a trip to Camp Khon Kaen, where we were taken on the tour only to later find out the guy did not have a clue what he was talking about and it wasn’t even the right location.
What I suggest the guys do is save my Google Map, and mark it up as they like, for their own use….


Sakon Nakhon, Nong Han, Kham River, Irrigation in Northeast Thailand

kham riverSince I visited the Kham River Dam and Irrigation District Offices just outside That Phanom in Nakhon Phanom Province I have been interested in finding the other dams along the river. The other day I was searching out a number of sites and as usual scanned photos in the relevant areas to see if anything looked pertinent to my search. I found the dam, in Thai called watergate, the controlled Nong Han’s flow into the Kham River. I copied the lat/long into my Sakon Nakhon Google Maps. I also followed the Kham in Google Earth and located the other water gates visible and added one to Sakon Nakhon and the others to my Nakhon Phanom Map. The weather went from blue skies to overcast, but the rain held off. I made a stop at a wat I was looking for and then headed to the  dam.


Down to Kalasin for the Silk Festival in Northeast Thailand

The 213 is the road from Sakon Nakhon to Kalasin town. There is a ring road that can be used to bypass the town if going on to Roi Et, Mahasarakham or Khon Kaen. One way or another if arriving on a weekend morning I prefer to drive straight through town. As in many municipal and built up areas multi lane roads go unmarked and lane definition is nonexistent, so drive carefully, as always the plan in Isaan.
I hope the silk festiavl and observance of the queens birthday is as enjoyable as it has been over the years.
I have given up on the updated Paiboon Hotel and the unresponsive staff as well as generally useless wifi service. I will be bring you up to date on some lodging and food choices and updating the Kalasin Province Map which is the most accurate and up to date map available for the province. Here’s the trip into town on the 213 from Sakon Nakhon


Using GPS in Northeast Thailand, Part 1

I have noticed that I get a number of searches about using GPS in Thailand. I am by no means a geek,but when it comes to maps, google maps,geotagging and so on I am not only a geek, but a fanatic. Geotagged locations are the only way to find many of the places of interest in Northeast Thailand. I have no understanding of why a national Tourism Authority completely ignores the use of digital  locations. Recently a well know western travel blogger in Thailand went on a tour and introduced his readers to Wat Pa, in RoiEt Province with no location information. I have no idea how many Wat Pas there are in RoiEt, but 100s is not an exaggeration. How do you encourage people to visit a place they cannot find.
But for now lets just talk about getting from A to B in Northeast Thailand.

Non Muang, Archeological Site, Chumpae, Khon, Kaen, Isaan, Thailand

I last visited about two years ago, but am updating some old blogspot  posts that people have been searching for. You can find the correct location on my Khon Kaen Provice map or view below the slideshow.  This ancient city in Chumpae, Khon, Kaen, Isaan, Thailand dates back to a couple thousand years ago it is said. I tought it would get a lot more mention online as it is a well done exhibit both grave sites and modern sections.This ancient Chumpae site,85 kilometres from the Khonkaen, is believed to have been inhabited from prehistoric times until at least the 10th century AD. Human skeletons and 3,000-Phra That Kham Kaenyear-old bronze tools have been discovered in the area. This is what is generally copied and pasted on the internet and seems true enough. It is certainly worth the stop if in the area.

Finding Places and Google Maps in Northeast Thailand

Looking at my maps it is nearly 7 years ago that I got my first Garmin GPS, and of course, Google Maps already existed. I could go to an area of interest or a wat, or a khmer ruin or anywhere GPS it and put it on Google maps, I was in hog heaven. Now, years later and many hundreds of sites mapped I see that not only Tourism Authority of Thailand, but most travel bloggers prefer to keep sites a mystery. Why people do not mark locations is beyond me. And incorrect Panoramio posts drive me …..
A couple years ago I was standing on a flooded road in the middle of nowhere looking for a Exhibit some travel blogger had marked on a map. After finding the location some kilometers away I mentioned in a post that people, meaning travel bloggers and anyone else marking a spot on a map might give a bit of attention to whether the data were correct…

I was assaulted by bunches of emails and comments telling me that travel bloggers were not map makers and on and on. Lesson learned, never offer constructive criticism to the Travel Blogger Mafia. Just look at their site on Facebook, 100s of posts about SEO and shit , but not one about accuracy in reporting. I really do not like to make people stand around and wonder where they are and where what they are looking is. If you look in my Picasa Albums or now Google+ you will see that most photos in the last couple years are all geotagged. Maps can be viewed showing satellite imagery or as ,mmore or less road maps. There are some things about google maps that bug me that is another post. In some cases I have identified many locations in a province and looking at the map ca be confusing. Now in the case of Sakon Nakhon to avoid confusion I have created a Seri Thai, Vietnam era, Communist etc and a Wats of Sakon Nakhon map and all places in Sakon Nakhon that I have mapped to include the preceding can be found in the Sakon Nakhon Province Map below

View Sakon Nakhon in a larger map

Some More Maps of Isaan Northeast Thailand

Khon Kaen Province Map

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a short walk thru khon kaen

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Changwat Kalasin Thailand

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Isaan Service (petrol) Facilities

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Sakon Nakhon Province

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