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Road 2287 Connecting Sakon Nakhon and Mukdahan,Thailand, A Scenic Alternative and Wat Phu Kampra



This is a rerelease of the post with geotagged photos that can now be see at Google+. The usual route between Sakon Nakhon and Mukdahan is Route 223 to the 212 in That Phanom then south. Over the years I have taken a number of alternatives and recently started traveling and searching for places of interest along Route 2287 to Nong Kaen and route 2292. While it looks logical to follow Route 3008 on to the 212 beware that this road is under construction, and I would advise checking out condition before travelling that route.
The Sakon Nakhon and Mukdahan of the 2287 in the section through the mountains (look in Google Earth or Maps in Satellite mode) is an are with little or none 3G signal, nor any type of signal, which makes it difficult to locate places of interest. There are plenty of caves and temles of interest along the route, but finding them is a bugger…


In the Scaffolding of an Illuminated Boat, Nakhon Phanom,Thailand

nkp-13First posted Auk Pansaa 2013
This video shows an Illuminated Boat being lit as close up as possible using my Samsung Galaxy Camera and should be viewed full screen.I have been posting photos and stories about the goings on at the Illuminated Boat Procession and Red Cross Fair in Nakhon Phanom, Thailand for a few days now and have beenn receiving questions and comments about the same So far I have found the Tourism Authority of Thailand advertesment the the fair starts on the 12th pretty much a fallacy as little is actually The boat races start on the 15th and the Illuminated Boat Procession and Parade takes place on the 19th While  there are no shortage of booths selling bric-a-brac, and associated Chinese junk Everyone selling the same food and watching the folks pass by, not buy…


Illuminated Boat Procession,Nakhon Phanom, Thailand

ilumnkpBook soon if you are planning on attending this year. Auk Pansaa Falls on 16 October 2016. A llok back to October 2013, The town filled to the bursting point starting early the morning of the 19th. 1,000s of big Bangkok Motorcycles, Mercedes and tour buses. Sunthon Wijit Road filled with pedestrians and unfortunately the road was never closed to vehicles Or if it was, the law as usual, was ignored. By sunset kerosene fumes and smoke filled the riverfront. It was the first time at any event in Isaan since 3G became available that I experience total gridlock. Everyone, nearly was Lining and Facecebooking. About 1930h a bit of bandwidth appeared and I was able to tweet the odd photo, but any idea of twitcasting was just a dream.
Spending most evenings of the week with a number of very helpful government officers provided an addition insight and provided a wealth of information that I will post soon. Enjoy the video for now,,,


Coffee comes to Northeast Thailand, Diabetes Too.

amazonFor years Nescafe with sugar and powdered milk pre-installed was what passed for coffee in Isaan and the rest of Thailand. I spent years eplaining the cafe was the French word for coffee and Nes was the French word for Not Hence Nescafe not coffee. Along came Makro, then Big C  and Tesco Lotus Instant Coffees like Moccono and others appeared, decent Instant Coffees arrived minus the pre-installed sugar and milk powder. Job done at home, but most restauranrs and hotels continued to flof Not Coffee. Amazon Coffee came along,a welcome arrival around the region, Then that Seattle monster Starbucks landed with its barristas and mocha latte pooper grandes and whatever else and too my mind outa sight prices. The like wine, real coffee and coffee shops landed in Thailand Family run business, some store front, in the shop house and some in dedicated premises.,,,


Eateries in Nakhon Phanom, Thailand,Yahd Thip Laap Phet Restaurant

laap-mukNakhon Phanom is not a bastion of fine dining Mukdahan and Ubon are both better supplied with Vietnamese restaurants, while Nakhon Phanom has perhaps a more sizable Vietnamese population  There are a couple up-scale restaurants that I found to be poor value for money They also seem to be often overcrowded and understaffed. One I have enjoyed for some time is Yahd (Yaad) Thip Laap Phet Restaurant As the name implies it is know for it’s duck Laap, which is as good as the Laap Phet in Mukdahan, which is second to none. It also doed a nice job with other lappd as well as other Isaan and Thai foods. The owner and staff are quite friendly and prices are reasonable It is located south of Soi Thatsana Pathum and a few sois North of Wat Mahaa That. It is easily spotted by the circular staicase in the right front as you look with the Mekong River at your back…


Isaan,Isan, Northeast Thailand, Buddhism, and Traditions

Buddhism, A Heart Released, Phra Ajaan Mun Bhuridatta, Thailand

For a number of years I traveled Northeast Thailand searching for places that played in the life of Ajahn Mun. Not many people alive who knew him, but many villages where he stayed reflect his…Continue reading


Candle Festivals, Parades, Buddhism, Asalha Puja,Ordinations, Pansaa in Northeast Thailand

kpwAs the Rains Retreat, or the Pansaa aproaches the Tourism Authority of Thailand advertises the big Candle Festival in Ubon Ratchatani, and you you have not experienced it, it is well worth the visit. And the many sites around the city make it well worth staying on for a few days. But there are plenty of festivities and evnts around the region focusing on both celebration and Buddhism. At Buddhist Monasteries Aslha Puja is the Full moon day and ordinations take place. Pakhao to Samana and Samana to full Bhikkhu ordinations take place…


Preserving the Artifacts and Culture of Northeast Thailand

Non Muang Ancient Town, Amphor Chumpae,Khon Kaen, Thailand

I recently read in a Travel Blog an article mentioning that Non Muang Ancient Town was hardly worth a visit and there was little there to see.  Having visited it a few years ago I disagreed with…Continue reading

Preserving the Culture of Isaan,Northeast Thailand

  Tourism Authority of Thailand shows little interest in showing visitors to the region the culture and cultural artifacts of the region They a long with other travel websites list  non…Continue reading

Bang Chiang,World Heritage Site,Udon Thani,Thailand

The World Heritage Site Museum is closed Mondays. Sawadee says Opening Hours: Daily from 09.00 am – 04.00 pm. Admission: 150 Baht for foreigners and 30 Baht for Thai citizen and Tourism…Continue reading

The Sirindhorn lsan Information Center,Mahasarakham University,Thailand

Isan or Northeastern Thailand, was once a prosperous land with a long history of civilization and cultural heritage. Isan heritage has been transmitted from generation to generation in many…Continue reading

Isaan, Buddhism,Buddhist Wanna Bes and some Good Music

Isaan,Isan, Northeast Thailand, Past and Present

Present in this case being nearly 13 years ago in this paper that was authored by Doctor Boonsom Yodmalee, of The Research Institute of Northeastern Art and Culture at M hasarakham University. I have…Continue reading

Do Monks Lose Relevance as Thailand Grows Richer

Monks Lose Relevance as Thailand Grows Richer is another of those Buddhism and Thailand stories that prove once again that Thailand is not a Buddhist country, nor is Thailand a country where most…Continue reading

Hypocrites Appear to far Outnumber Buddhists in Thailand

First of all lets look at the definition of Hypocrite;a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a…Continue reading

Country Music Isaan 07.08.11

Not sure of which spelling of “ta” in Naam ta faa” , but it does sound appropriate for the weather Read this article: Country Music Isaan 07.08.11…Continue reading

Tukcom Center, Khon Kaen,Thailand

Tukcom Khon Kaen 12.06.12

For a good number of years Tukcom was the main Mall in town i competition with Fairy Plaza, Now the big Central Plaza is the big draw. But, today when looking for a bluetooth earphone or anything…Continue reading

Tukcom Center Khon Kaen, Thailand

Tukcom center near the 3 major hotels in town, to me is still the best place to shop for phone and computer equipment. Perhaps not the stock or the lash of the new mall I find the staff here more…Continue reading

Tukcom khon kaen bog

looks good lucky there is no smellinet More: Tukcom khon kaen bog…Continue reading