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Krua Vietnam, A Vietnamese Restaurant in Khon Kaen, Thailand

Krua is a name often used by restaurants in Thailand, it means kitchen. Krua Vietnam and Krua Saigon among others are popular for places that want to be identified as Vietnamese Restaurants. This establishment was origianlly located on Lang Muang and Pimpasud roads a couple blockes away before moving to this location across from the Roma Hotel, net to a long established VietnameseThai style restaurant best know for it’s morning clientele who flock in and usually illegal park on one side of the street or the other, bloocking traffic on Glang Muang Road. The old place is still quite popular, but folks are starting to notice the prices and quality at Krra Vietnam and switching choices, especially locals who might care a bit more about quality than an old reputation. Krua has a pretty large selection of Vietnamese food….


Finally a Real Vietnamese Pho Restaurant comes to Mukdahan, Thailand, or Does it?

Saw the shop last month and almost drove the 100 kilometers from Nakhon Phanom to check it out while at the illuminated Boat Procession Festival in Nakhon Phanom.  It is in the big PTT center on the Northbound side of the 212 as you head out of Mukdahan. So in Mukdahan for my weekend nearly Vietnamese food, food fix I arrived there at opening time 0930. When the Pho arrived I could see this was a catastrophe. Mystery meat balls do not come in Pho, neither do pieces of fat or fatty meat What makes Pho rich is the bones that are boiled for hours with the marrow still in the bones. Pho is not fatty as a matter of fact Pho is made of LEAN beef. Globules of fat floating in th broth finished the picture. Next came what was supposed to be the Banh Mi. This was the worst I have ever seen, touched or tasted…